The Petition

This petition is now closed but was signed by over 2500 people:

In light of the dangers facing humanity from climate change and environmental degradation – and to ensure a future of plenty and peace, I pledge my:

  • action in reducing or eliminating the animal elements of my diet – major greenhouse gas emitters;
  • support for all possible governmental policies that reduce or eliminate the inherently wasteful and cruel global livestock industry;
  • support for reforestation/afforestation programs and the release of previously grazed land to such protected rehabilitation;
  • and my support for the economic compensation of those whose livelihoods are adversely affected by these necessary changes.

I make this pledge in full knowledge of the challenge of change. However I make it with determination and enthusiasm for this transformation, for I love my planet and its people and wish a healthy and peaceful future for all. Count me among the many who want change now in reducing meat eating through wise policies and good information.

Politicians, leaders, governments, don’t hesitate: go veg. Support vegetarianism and veganism in your country. Stop all meat eating. NASA tells us that the arctic ice may be gone by 2012, others say sooner . Studies show unfathomable amounts of methane will then rise from permafrost and ocean beds into the atmosphere – sealing our fate for good. We need the veg diet, we need to plant trees. We need sustainable energy. Be a really powerful leader and brave pioneer of a healthy, happy world. Time to act.

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